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This page uses ASP (Active Server Pages); a technology that allows web sites to automatically be updated with new information which is initially stored in a database. This removes the need to manually update pages using html.

The list to the right are my projects and instead of editing this page every time I need to put a new one, I use a protected web page to insert new records into my database. This page then 'pulls' all the records and displays them here.

Such a system is useful on web sites where news headlines are required or generally where the information has to be changed often such as catalogs, prices, articles, picture galleries etc.

All my application use ASP and Ms Access databases and are supported by the majority of the webhosts including

If you are interested in a custom application for your site just contact me and I will explain more in details.

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Advance Internet

Advance Internet Puerto Rico's largest ISP uses the My ASP E-Goods Protector script to deliver its internet accelerator software to customers. The script was modified to also include and send an activation code as well as store customer details in a database for future reference.

Terra Aura

TerraAura Uses a modified SQL version of My ASP Paypal E-Goods Protector to deliver its high quality nature sounds in mp3 format to its customers. TerraAura is the Internet's premier line of Nature Cd's. Their world renowned Cd series features pure sounds of nature and nature blended with lovely acoustic music

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