Rolex Oyster Constant Motion Greenwich II watch

2014 fake rolex Oyster-style constant movement Greenwich II launched a new watch, this can finally be grateful to the long-term look forward to the hearts of the workers. \ Rolex Oyster-style constant-action Greenwich II fake rolex is designed specifically for the pilots in 1955, a professional watch, after the advent of a number of airlines, such as the famous Pan Am Airways (Pan Am) designated watch, which shows its excellence The performance of the watch. \ Rolex Oyster Perpetual Greenwich II watch the most typical feature is the attention of the two-tone circle. The new Rolex Oyster Constant Wind Greenwich II watch model 116719BLRO-78209, the word circle developed in 2005 with extremely hard, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant special ceramic made of this patented Cerachrom red and blue color circle By ultraviolet radiation will not fade, polishing very good, with a long lasting luster. The 24-hour scale on the circle is covered with a thin coating of platinum. \ Rolex Oyster Constant Dynamic Greenwich II 116719BLRO-78209 watch precision precision and waterproof function in the past, as always, adhere to the original watch superb precision watchmaking spirit. 40 mm Oyster Case Waterproof 100 meters, sturdy and elegant, Rolex patent three buckle lock triple waterproof system on the chain crown. Through the Swiss official precision time test center (COSC) detection by the Rolex developed 3186 self-winding mechanical movement, superb excellent performance perfect presentation. Dial 3 o'clock on the date of the anti-reflective small window convex lens for the watch to add a touch of unique flavor and fun, softened the watch a strong masculinity. \ \ Rolex Oyster Constant Dynamics Greenwich II 116719 BLRO-78209 watch with solid chain buckle straps, no time to worry about accidental opening, the most comfortable design; Rolex patent arbitrarily adjust the extension of the chain system, the most natural comfort The